First Post – Welcome to OhSoRochellie

Hi there and welcome to OhSoRochellie blog.

You must be wondering:

 “What is the purpose of this blog?”

I am here to give you the answer (and hopefully persuade you into reading my blog)!

This blog is about my journey  into “adulthood”. Yes adulthood! I know it may seem like a boring topic because most of the connotations wrapped around adulthood are: get a Job, have kids, pay bills, get a mortgage … the list is endless but they all relate to one thing: RESPONSIBILITIES! I totally get that, because we all need to get there some day!

For me, this day is today.

Its time for me to grow up!

I am a 21 year old Media and Communications graduate thrusted into the reality of the big wild world of full time employment. I have reached the crossover from the lifestyle of endless out-of-control partying, extensive lie-ins and of course… intense studying; to mundane routines, a career driven focus and the chance to enjoy a few sophisticated cocktail nights (with the hope of it leading to a MESSY Friday night! – I’m not ruling out the whole of the student lifestyle).

As said before, this blog aims to document my journey into the world of adult life and present new experiences that does not involve boozy nights out and an embarrassing tale of “guess what you did last night?!”. I will also provide substantial advice along the way; advice surrounding job hunting and helpful tips on adapting to university life. I’ll give insight into my lifestyle of new dishes that I (attempt to) make and the trips that have gone on, in order to put a twist on these mundane everyday ritualized behavior. Thus preventing me from putting my slippers on and joining my mum on the couch to watch countless episodes of British soaps (sorry mum)!

In addition, because I’m such a HUGE high heels and shoe fanatic I’m going to dedicate a section of this blog to: footwear confession. As I believe that footwear are mines to memories, untold stories or stinking confessions itching to get out. So I will be spilling my own smelly little stories!

Lastly, I wrote this blog to share with the world, but I also wrote this blog for myself. Early this year I found out that I am dyslexic. Finding out I was dyslexic was hard to wrap my head around, because it turned everything that I once knew upside down; especially when it came to writing. So, I thought the best way to cope with my dyslexia was to write a blog, as I get to improve my written communication skills and provide a voice to those that have recently found out they too are dyslexic, has always known or have certain inklings that they might  be dyslexic. This blog will tell my story and my ways to cope with dyslexia.

Yes a lot of content that lies ahead thus meaning that I need to be on the ball. It also shows that I have passion for what I want to write about. I aim to be informative and dedicated to producing two blog post twice a week, which will be Wednesday and Sunday, with some few bits added here and there when I have time.

So read about me:

Flailing, Stumbling, Blundering and sometimes Strutting in these heels I call adulthood.


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