Dealing with Job Application Rejects

Hey, lovely people,

I hope everyone is feeling great. I am feeling very apologetic and annoyed with myself because three Months have gone by since I’ve written my first ever blog post. I am disappointed in myself that I have not been committed. I let my anxiety and the lack of confidence get the better of the blog. The last three months have been the most difficult months that I have experienced, and I had let that overcome my confidence in my writing.

In these three months, I was constantly applying for jobs and chasing emails/calls to enquire about my application process. Most of the time I heard nothing and when I finally received responses they were all emails of rejection. One of the emails had rocked me to the core as they had given a detailed list of bullet points explaining what was wrong with my application. When I read the list, I had felt worthless and unemployable. I was shocked by how in depth the list was, especially the point about grammatical errors. When I had reread my application it was fine to me, it made sense. I could not see any grammatical errors.

However being dyslexic, I tend to overlook all these errors because my Working Memory was operating way too fast that it couldn’t catch up; as I was sending 5 applications (CV’s + Cover Letters) a day. Thinking that this will increase my chances of getting employed sooner. Really and truly it didn’t, it just rocked my confidence in every way.

To change this, I took action and went to seek careers advice. I choose not see my University advisor instead I called up the National Career Service to book an appointment. I had a 1-2-1 with a fantastic advisor called Caroline, who works for the Brighton team, and she thoroughly went through my CV. She gave constructive criticism that made me see where I was going wrong, how I can improve my CV, and see my potential. She told me that writing CV’s take time, as CV’s need to be tailored to the job description rather than sending a generic CV.

Therefore, sending out 5 CV’s a day was a mistake as I was not demonstrating that I had the skills for the job.

Since I’ve seen Caroline and used the National Career Service. I have received great response from my CV and offered interviews.

That’s all for now,

OhSoRochelle x


National Career Service

If you’re in need of career advice then do not hesitate to contact the National Career Service. It is a free service which offers exceptional career advice from amazing advisors, who are willing to help.


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