My Interview Shoes – Story Behind the Brogues

These shoes have travelled on various colourful tube lines and traipsed the busy streets of London, to find the location of tall, daunting, yet prestigious office buildings. As I take the first few nervous steps into an office and perched in the seating room waiting to be seen. However, every time I had worn these shoes to an interview, my confidence started to grow. I had developed and sharpened my interview persona as my shiny brogues harboured all the knowledge of all my past interview experiences.

These shiny brogues have many interview stories to tell, all of which have provided me long lasting lessons in joining the world of employment.
This post is split into two stories. One story is about my worst interview experience while the other story is about my positive and successful interview.

My worst interview story

This interview was bad from the get-go. I knew the interview was going to be appalling as soon as I got the call from the agency, who had submitted my CV to a mobile advertising company, informing me that I got an interview as they thought that this was a great opportunity for me. At the time I thought that was great; I got an interview without even trying – Whoop whoop.
I had about 8 hours to research and prepare relevant questions for this interview. I thought the company research would be straight forward as the agent told me which areas to look at – it seemed simple enough. However, as I went through the website I just couldn’t fully grasp what the company was doing. I didn’t understand the jargon, and neither did I have the passion for mobile advertising. After I had conducted my research, I knew that this was going to be a bad interview as I was not fully prepared at all.

The morning of the interview I had felt queasy and unsettled. I tried to cover my fear in my appearance by wearing, which I thought was, a professional outfit. I matched my brogues with a black skirt, black tights, a white shirt and an oversized black blazer. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the outfit, but I looked like a walking zebra crossing. My intention of this outfit was to incorporate the saying “fake it until you feel it”; I thought this outfit made me come across as professional, hardworking, and willing to do the job. Instead, I felt bland, boring, and uncreative. In the media industry, they are looking for some who is fun, sociable and creative. My attire was not projecting these traits at all, therefore my personality was not shining to my interviewer.

As soon as step foot into the building I was directed to a glass meeting room that looked out to the members of staff. I had an audience and they were all able to see how this interview was going. The interviewer had walked in and stuck out his hand for a handshake but I shook his hand while I was sitting down. Already I presented myself as subordinate and inferior as he was standing I was sitting down. This is when I knew the interview was going to head down south.
The interviewer started off asking questions about myself, which I answered confidently and proudly, he then asked questions about the company and the job role…

That did not go down well.

I answered the questions vaguely and the best that I could. There was a few question about the job role that I didn’t know and could not even answer. For example, I wasn’t aware that the job role was commissioned neither did I know what I was going to be doing. To be honest I knew the interviewer had no interest in me as he didn’t take any notes and ended the interview in 15 minutes. However, I didn’t mind as I just wanted to be out of there quickly.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have accepted the interview as I did not directly apply for it neither did I have the passion for the passion for the job. I shouldn’t have applied for the job if my heart was not in it because I was setting myself a lifelong career that I did not even want.


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