Why I became a Lifestyle Blogger…

Hi guys,

Rochelle here!

From my first ever post, which was some time ago, I explained why I became a lifestyle blogger. Now that I have a dipped my toe in the water and ready to dive in, I wanted to reiterate and clarify who I am and why I became a lifestyle blogger.

I graduated last year (2016) and now in the working world. I aim to bring you along on my journey as I make my print in my marketing career. So far it hasn’t been easy, especially get my first “proper” job out of University. You can read how I got my first job here. Over the next couple of weeks look out for my blog about office environments and my top tips in settling in. By sharing my journey, I am hopefully helping you guys prepare for what may or may not happen. It may work better for you, if so that is fab and wish you all the best. However, if it doesn’t, I am here and you can follow my journey. I know it may seem scary leaving university or school without knowing what the future might hold, but that’s why I’ve decided to write this blog. I want to tell you that you’re not alone.

Another reason why I’ve decided to write this blog is that I am dyslexic. Sometimes I find it difficult to write without it being discursive, which sucks and super annoying when people don’t understand what you are trying to explain to them. So I decided that I am going to improve my writing one way or another and that is to blog the hell out of life. In doing so, I am hoping to gain confidence and improve my writing style. I appreciate it people offered constructive feedback as I get to learn where I’m going wrong and how I can improve. I also want to help and encourage people with dyslexia to not give up, as I know exactly how you feel. I’ll soon be publishing my dyslexia story.

Lastly, I’m in a long-distance relationship with this boy right here:


I will share my tips on how we keep it alive, how it feels when we’re apart from each other and the issues we face. Have a read about my Train Station blog as you find ou why it is such an emotional place.

I also aim to blog about food and share a few of my Caribbean recipes, my travels in or away from the UK and mini little hauls; be it fashion, beauty products and games. Yep you read that right I am a slight bit of a gamer, so I’ll share my top games of the month. I may just add a few other things based on a spark of inspiration.

Join me in my lifestyle, and I hope you have a blast.

OhSoRochelle x




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