My First Ever Blogging Event

Hello all,

I hope your Sunday is fab and you are resting well.

I’m so sorry abou the delay for this post, life has seriously thrown massive boulders in my path. As I type this post, my nose is being invaded by the delicious smell of my boyfriend cooking our late Sunday fry up!

A few weeks ago I had an incredible opportunity to attend the launch of Bloggers Who Brunch. Bloggers Who Brunch is a networking event, which aims to bring other bloggers together to chat about their blogging stories, creativity, photography and blogging tips. It was just fantastic experience especially since I’m new to this blogging universe.


I am not going to lie, I was shaking like a leaf, I was petrified. I didn’t know anyone who was attending, and I was worried that no one was going to talk to me. I kept questioning whether I was good enough for the blogging community and if my content was going to be considered interesting. I was closing myself off from the people around me because I was so nervous. I couldn’t let this fantastic opportunity go to waste, so I pushed myself. I pushed myself to talk as many people as possible. I was shaky at first as because I wasn’t sure how to approach these other bloggers. After a while, I became comfortable, and a few girls approached me with questions about my blog and gave me excellent tips.

I have to say this was my first blogging event and I can not wait attended much more. The next on my list it Bloggers Meetup @ Roof East, click the link to get your ticket, I should also mention that it is free!

That’s all for now,

Oh So Rochelle x






2 thoughts on “My First Ever Blogging Event

    • ohsorochelle says:

      It was such a lovely event, especially for my first one! 🙂 The method I use to find blogging event is to check Eventbrite for any upcoming blogging events. It’s a great experience, and you should try it if there is one near you.

      Thank you for finding my blog 🙂 xx


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