I Want My Confidence Back!

Hi guys,

I hope you guys are having a fantastic morning and taking in all the sunshine.

I have been waiting for the right time to blog about confidence, but I haven’t found the right experience to share wth you guys. However, following the title of this post, the time has finally come people!

In my previous post, I mentioned that you can’t possibly plan your life to a T, but I didn’t explain why. Here’s my chance to express in words and how this has affected by confidence.

After graduating from University, it took me roughly 4 months to find a full-time “proper” job. I hate the term “proper job” because it’s hard to define what a proper job is. There is a belief that a proper job is being in an office working the standard 9 AM to 5 PM. Although, there are people out there that have or haven’t gone to university and they really enjoy working in retail or they are a labourer, and for them, that is their proper job.

To divert back, I attained my first “proper job” after 4 months, and I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe I managed to find employment in the field of media. I have studied media since GCSE’s, and it was the perfect decision to achieve my degree in the subject I love. My job was in media buying, this role involves the placement of adverts across different mediums. It is interesting as I didn’t know that this type of employment existed. However, as time went by I knew that this role did not fit my personality neither did it suit me mentally. The job was just not for me, and I was crushed because my plan was to establish myself in this role first; as this would set the foundation for my career. Instead, I made the brave decision to leave because this was not what I was looking for. I could feel my confidence rapidly depleting as the constant thought of me being a failure was twirling through my mind because my plan did not have the chance to hit the ground running. For the first time ever I was struggling to see my future. I am 22, and all I can see is a massive question mark!


What am I going to do?!?!

Stepping back and taking a breather

Now that I have time off I am using this time to reflect and build my confidence back up. To reclaim my confidence I had purchased this book called: ‘How To Be Confident’ by Anna Barnes.


I have read this book cover to cover, and I have found it astounding. The book offers useful tips and tricks to get your confidence back. At the moment, I currently have a confidence diary, the book states that this is a useful method to identify where you feel least confident and where your confidence thrives.


I have also started exercising more and going out for a run, which I never used to do, this has helped me escape my thoughts and feel energised for the rest of the day.

The book shares inspiring confidence proverbs and quotes with the likes of Marie Curie, Martha Stewart and Queen Latifah. The pages are colourful and full of exuberance, you can feel the motivation jump off the page.


‘How To Be Confident’ had helped me recuperate myself belief and has provided me ways for improving my self-confidence. I just want to say that I haven’t fully reclaimed my confidence because you know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I can slowly feel my confidence shifting to a more positive outlook. So when I apply for my dream job, I have a strong, confident mindset and I am ready for the job.

I am also planning to read ‘Simple Thinking: How to Remove Complexity from Life and Work‘ by Richard Gerver and ‘Brand New You‘ by Simon Middleton as I always aim to constantly improve myself.

I have been truly honest with my experience, and I intend to take you guys on my journey may it be happy or troubling. I know I am not the only person out there who has lost their self-confidence, due to life is not going the way they have planned, or they have been in situations or around people that have caused them to fade away in the background and fill their minds with self-doubt.  If you ever feel like this, be proactive and take action, you can always make a difference in yourself.

If you ever feel like this, be proactive and take action, you can always make a difference in yourself.

Drop me a comment or an email on how you lost your confidence and how you reclaimed it back. What tricks did you use? How long did it take you to get it back? If you read any books, what book did you read?

If you are suffering from career issues, please contact the national career service, I’ve written a blog piece on my experience with the service here.

If you wish to talk to someone, visit the Samaritan website here, or you can call for free on 116 123 (UK) or 116 123 (ROI)

That’s all for now,

OhSoRochelle x




p.s. I was not asked to review this book, this was done by my own accord.


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