I Want My Confidence Back!

Losing your self -confidence and finding new methods to build it back up. Read about how I lost my confidence and how I aim to reclaim it back.


My First Ever Blogging Event

Attended my first ever blogging event and my experience with networking with other bloggers ,

Why I became a Lifestyle Blogger…

Hi guys, Rochelle here! From my first ever post, which was some time ago, I explained why I became a lifestyle blogger. Now that I have a dipped my toe in the water and ready to dive in, I wanted to reiterate and clarify who I am and why I became a lifestyle blogger. I … Continue reading Why I became a Lifestyle Blogger…


I’ve been away but I’m returning.

Hi guys, It has been a long time since I've┬áposted content and I am terribly sorry! I have been crazy busy with life and asserting myself in working world! However, that is no excuse and I will have two blog post available this Wednesday,┬áso stay tuned. That's all for now.   OhSoRochellie x