I Want My Confidence Back!

Losing your self -confidence and finding new methods to build it back up. Read about how I lost my confidence and how I aim to reclaim it back.


A Long Walk Does Wonders!

"Walking is a man's best medicine" - Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC)   Have you ever had one of those days where your head is riddled with uncontrollable doubts? And it almost feels as if your head is going to explode? A few days ago, I had so many thoughts about my previous … Continue reading A Long Walk Does Wonders!

Dealing with Job Application Rejects

Hey, lovely people, I hope everyone is feeling great. I am feeling very apologetic and annoyed with myself because three Months have gone by since I've written my first ever blog post. I am disappointed in myself that I have not been committed. I let my anxiety and the lack of confidence get the better … Continue reading Dealing with Job Application Rejects


First Post – Welcome to OhSoRochellie

Hi there and welcome to OhSoRochellie blog. You must be wondering:  "What is the purpose of this blog?" I am here to give you the answer (and hopefully persuade you into reading my blog)! This blog is about my journey  into "adulthood". Yes adulthood! I know it may seem like a boring topic because most … Continue reading First Post – Welcome to OhSoRochellie